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Welcome to web2msg's free txt service

Web2msg is an online sms portal, allowing you to send up to three text messages to any mobile phone in australia per day with no charge. Its fast and its free so why not give it a try today, you can even receive reply messages!

Dont forget to read and agree to the acceptable usage policy before sending any messages. If you have received an abusive text message from this service, you can block your number by filling in the report abuse form.

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Important: has a allocation of free SMS's avaliable to be sent per provider every 12 hours, once these allocations are used the ability to send to these providers will be locked out until the next 12hr period.

 Latest News:

New Feature Released 15/11/2010

We are excited to announce some minor upgrades to the web2msg service, including extended messaging abilities. This makes sending free sms and text messages from web2msg to any mobile in Australia easier and faster than ever.

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